The FBC Weekday Preschool was founded as a ministry to families with young children. We believe the preschool years should be filled with happy, memorable experiences. Children need a loving environment where they can grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. It is our belief that the preschool should work together with the parents to foster growth in these areas. We believe that a child learns best through play and participating in “hands on” activities that are developmentally appropriate. Children are given opportunities for growth as they are ready. Every child is WONDERFULLY CREATED BY GOD, and should be respected for their unique personality. 

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PRESCHOOL CLASSES: MOTHER’S MORNING OUT | 9:00AM –1:00PM (must be 15 months by Sept. 1) The Mother’s Morning Out program’s goal is to help your child develop socially, physically, and spiritually. The curriculum is Biblically based, and includes a daily routine of group play time, crafts, and snack. 

TWO YEAR OLDS PROGRAM | 9:00AM –1:00PM (must be 2 by Sept. 1) The two year old curriculum is Biblically based, and includes introduction of number 1-5, colors, shapes, and social skills. Children are taught through group play, songs, crafts, and finger plays. 

THREE YEAR OLDS PROGRAM | 9:00AM –1:00PM (must be 3 by Sept. 1) The three year old curriculum emphasizes social, academic, and motor skills. Three year olds are introduced to letters, shapes, colors, and numbers 1-10 – as well as monthly Bible verses and stories. Children are also introduced to early math skills through patterning and one-to-one coloration. Three year olds also attend Chapel one day a week. 

FOUR YEAR OLDS PROGRAM | 9:00AM –1:00PM (must be 4 by Sept. 1) Our four year curriculum is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten with a foundation of Biblical values and principles. Children are introduced to colors, shapes, numbers 1-20, upper and lower case letters – along with Bible stories and verses. This is done through daily crafts, worksheets, and group times. Four year olds attend Chapel one day a week. 

TRANSITIONAL CLASS | 9:00AM – 1:00PM (must be 5 by Dec. 31) This class is designed for children who may be eligible for Kindergarten but may not be academically, socially, or emotionally ready for Kindergarten curriculum – or for children that are older than 4 years old and are ready for a more challenging academic program. This class covers the same topics as the 4 year program, but moves at a more rapid pace with a stronger emphasis on reading and writing skills – along with strong Biblical values and principles. 

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS Ballet is offered on Tuesday for girls and gymnastics for boys on Wednesdays through Happy Feet Christian Dance Academy for an extra fee. SPECIAL EVENTS Open House, Celebrate Me Day, Fall Fun Day, Wildlife Wonders Visit, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Programs & Parties, Donuts With Dad, Valentines Day Parties, Community Helper Visits, Triking Days, Art Day, Spring Program 2s & 3s, Muffins With Mom, 4 Year Old Graduation.